The world doesn’t seem to have many horror memes. Sure, we have cats playing pianos, gang violence involving Domo, and enough Lazy Town pedophilia references to make Bob Saget blush. But come Halloween, very few pictures come across the internet to get those real “LOL”s out in front of the computer.

   Now, with photoshop geeks like myself, and yourself, we can change that. Last year we had a full contest for the best horror memes. This year, same situation, as we will be giving away a few of our Beta shirts, bumper stickers, and maybe even a couple horror movies.

   Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create the most ridiculous memes ever for the horror movie genre. Let’s put those Twilight memes to shame. Send images to in a graphic image not to exceed 3MB in jpg format.

   And let’s come up with a better word than meme, huh?

For Reference: The editor takes one of the oldest internet memes in the universe, and applies it to the movie Zombieland. See? It’s this easy to get in on the action.

o rly? clown

Username: BryanT

   What’s a group of memes without a Gary Busey reference? Luckily, we won’t have to find out, thanks to BryanT.

paranormal busey

Username: JennS

   It’s nice to see a woman who can make fun of both of these guys at the same time without adding a few hearts and lip-stick kisses to the mix.

American Psycho

Username: Corrupted Clown

   I never saw the Janet Reno/Herman Munster correlation…until now.

janet reno

Username: Phoenix∞

   I’m not sure if Phoenix doesn’t like Michael Moore, or the movie Diary of the Dead. Maybe both?

diary of the dead

Username: Beta Boy

   Not to be outdone, our fly-by-night movie reviewer brings to light a bit of truth to the men…and maybe some of the women.

V series

Username: CaseyG

   CaseyG seems to be anticipating the release of New Moon.


Username: McPoyle1

   Is it that time already? McPoyle1 is right on top of this Twilight series. He must be…from Washington.

new moon


Updated for 2011

Sometimes pedo-bear just works.


Username: GeeWhiz3

GeeWhiz3 enters the prerequisite Abe Vigoda reference.


Username: Obi_Wallace

Obi_Wallace reminds us what quagmire and The Human Centipede are all about.

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