London, England: As word came down this weekend that Amy Winehouse had finally succumbed to the unenviable miseries of stardom, adulation and millions of dollars by croaking in her home, fans of the famed soul crooner were found gathered outside her home shouting “NO, NO, NO!!!” Her manager, looking for some brightness amidst the gloom said, “now Wino can go home and be with her mum.” When told that Winehouse’s mother was still living her manager said “well, her grandmother then.”

Winehouse shot to fame in the mid 2000’s with the album Back to Black, which had the titanic hits You Shook Me All Night Long as well as the title song, Back in Black. Ironically, in light of the likelihood of drugs playing a role in her death, her greatest album was a tribute to fallen former lead singer of AC/DC, Bon Scott, who also succumbed to drugs.

An autopsy will be performed later today to determine if Winehouse died of natural causes or if this was a suicide, homicide or some other kind of cide. Regardless she becomes part of the famed ’27 Club’, which consists of people aged 27 who do drugs. She is now part of this ultra exclusive 580,000 member club.

Winehouse, troubled by drugs and other abhorrent behavior her entire life ironically shunned the concept of rehabilitation. In the final act she got her ultimate wish. When asked by The Sun “will Amy need to enter rehab now” he replied, “no, no, no…”

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