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Midnight at the Oasis


Some English City, Great Britain: The world of third-rate tribute-bands took a slight knocking (more of a distant tap than a knock) this week, as British band ‘Oasis’ split up after yet another complaint from music lovers.Liam and Noel Gallagher

   The pair of gibbons who front the band, Liam and Noel Gallagher, had gotten into an argument with each other about bananas or something before a gig, and suddenly one of them demanded ownership of the family wrap-around eyebrow. Violence ensued, and the Simian Brethren vowed never to work together again.


   We asked Boz Scaggs for a comment, but unfortunately, he was thousands of miles away and couldn’t hear us, but an artist’s impression gave us the following quote:

   “They moved music backwards. Not just years or even decades, but billions in evolutionary terms.”

   DNA evidence has even proved a link between the Gallagher brothers and pre-historic Man, but the latter has strenuously denied this.

   Two days later, nobody cared.

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