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Comic-Con Nets Record Celebrity Turnout, Few Fans


San Diego, CA: This past week featured the 2009 presentation of San Diego’s Comic-Con, a four-day entertainment party to celebrate and promote movies, comic books, television shows, and anything else that fanboys and fangirls find enjoyable.

   The turnout of actors, actresses, directors, and hired costumed stunt-people was recording breaking, according to the Comic-Con website. The San Diego Convention Center was packed with the likes of celebrities ranging from stars like Tim Burton, Kristin Stewart, Bruce Campbell, James Cameron, and Anna Comic Con 2009Paquin, to the likes of Adam West and Seth Green.

   “It was really surprising how many celebrities came this year. It just shows how far comic book nerds have come in mainstream society. We’re the ones holding some bucks now,” stated ticket-checker Albert Moignihan.

   In spite of the record celebrity turnout, admission sales were abysmal, at best. The cause: no room for the public.

   “It was a bit embarrassing. We received so many celebrity inquiries into Comic-Con, and gave out so many free passes for promotional purposes, that there was literally no room for fans to come in,” explained Comic Con public relations assistant Melanie Zimbler. “We tried letting a group of five fans in, but the San Diego fire marshall suspended our event until the proper max capacity of the convention center was adhered to. Obviously, the fans had to go.”

   “It was actually kind of cool. Much more relaxed without fans badgering you all the time,” stated passerby Freddy Prinze Jr.

   Luckily, the internet coverage of Comic Con was so saturated that fans could dress up in their super-hero or villain costumes, sit in front of their computer, and feel like they were a part of the action, much like they normally would on any given day. Innumerable updates from celebrities via Twitter allowed fans to read a glimpse into the activities of Comic Con.

   “It was amazing!” stated Joshua Aldermann, a portly bearded man dressed as Emma Watson from the Harry Potter series. “I got to watch a preview of District 9 on one computer monitor, watch a panel discussion from the cast of Twilight  on another computer monitor, and follow Michael Ian Black’s Twitter account on my phone as he mocked the both of them.”

   Plans are in effect to host next year’s Comic Con at Chargers Stadium in order to allow most of Hollywood to gain entrance to the event. “Who knows, maybe we’ll have space for a few fans next time,” said Miss Zimbler.

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