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A Global Search for the Truth of Steve Elle


   Steve Elle is an incredibly talented yarn-spinner. He knows how to build a story and wring out its punch line and significance so well that you’d think he was raised by an ancient tribe of devoted oral historians. And, well, you would have had the ancient tribe part right, anyway. He has sense enough to know that Gossip Girl and So You Think You Can Dance? should be enjoyed both genuinely and also not. He knows this balance, and so his writing toes a line between mocking and praising his subjects, just without the praise part. Irony without affection; not wink-wink irony, just wink irony. That’s the real key to Steve Ellehis success, not that he has ever really had any.

   Elle is known to be protective of his private life. He rarely speaks about himself, and rarely makes televised interview appearances, although he is scheduled to be interviewed on the Colbert Report on December 19, 2010, and also by Kermit LeToade for The Culture Show on BBC2 on March 22, 2011.

   In an interview with Charlie Rose, Steve Elle said he was getting very annoyed with the “myth” that he “didn’t do a lot of press.” Elle stated that this was simply not true. He sat for a lot of interviews for all of his articles from Brokeback Brett onwards, but again and again interviewers would state at some point during an interview that “he didn’t do a lot of press.” Steve Elle has been known to describe media types as “f**king retards.”

   Steve Elle was born to an Ethiopian Jewish family in Kenya, but then moved away shortly after. Elle is a graduate of Sunshine Elementary (now defunct) in Pass a Grille, Florida. He then briefly attended Dixie Hollins High School (home of the Fighting Rebels!) before transferring to Oxford University, where one of his classmates was screenwriter Charlie Kaufman.

   Steve Elle likes wine, yoga, wine, and kittens, though he concedes that he dislikes the hairballs associated with ingesting kittens. Elle dislikes hacks of all kinds (Michael Bay, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Bay, Dean Koontz, Michael Bay, Jason Abernethy, Michael Bay, etc). And, as has been proven over and over again, Steve Elle loves himself.

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