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iPOS 3.0 to be Released


Cupertino, CA: After months of mockery and resentment, but steady sales, Apple has raised the bar of excellence with the sophisticated features iPhone 3.0present in its iPhone 3.0 Operating System, due to be released to the public this summer.

   “Consumers had begun expressing a desire for certain functions that they don’t have with any other phones. Quite frankly, these wishes used to be nothing more than pipe dreams. Luckily, we here at Apple heard those cries, and rose to the challenge before any other provider, like we always do,” stated Scott Forstall, senior VP of software.

   The Apple-proclaimed “REX OS” will offer such ground-breaking functions as:

1) The ability to highlight certain words, phrases, numbers, and links, save this information, then transcribe it into another area with a mere click. Apple executives have proudly coined this action as “cut and paste.”

2) The ability to take a digital photograph with your phone, and directly send it to another phone with the use of a Multimedia Message Service, and not be regulated to emailing the photograph. Steve Jobs’ genius mind has called this “image-texting.”

   Apple promises that there will be many more new and inventive functions on the iPhone 3.0 software by the time of release this summer, including a brand new iPhone that will probably be the only device that can run the programming.

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