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Peter Gabriel Takes Song, Goes Home


Los Angeles, CA: Citing disrespect, the stifling of artistry rights, and public humiliation, Peter Gabriel, the former frontman of the British pop band Genesis, Peter Gabriel, letting himself destined to write screen jingles and release “Greatest Hits” albums and DVDs, has pulled out of the 2009 Academy Awards.

   What he has exactly pulled out of remains to be known. Originally, Mr. Gabriel was to perform a medley of his song from the movie Wall-E along with AR Rahman performing his nominated songs from Slumdog Millionaire. The performance was to be both Peter Gabriel and AR Rahman on-stage alongside mountains of synthesizer equipment, virtually invisible to the viewers.

   Mr. Gabriel felt that 65 seconds of his “sodding song from Wall-E” was not enough exposure for a song written for film. Apparently, Mr. Gabriel had forgotten that most “Best Song” winners only get a side-note before commercial breaks, while those nominated, aptly described as “losers”, rarely even get a mention save for the OSCARS website or the wiki entry.

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