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Springsteen’s Slide Just an Act


Tampa Bay, FL: During a press conference, after his performance at Super Bowl XLIII’s Half-Time Show and before he was carted away in an ambulance, Bruce Springsteen answered questions by his detractors about his “losing the skill to rock.” The focus was on his knee slide across the stage and into a Bruce Springsteencamera-man during the performance.

   “It was all part of the show! Do you really think The Boss would do something like that accidentally? Of course not. I gauged exactly how far my slide was going, and I hit that camera for comic relief. Yes, I rock that hard,” explained Springsteen to the press.

   When asked about the pained look he gave he gave the camera that billions of viewers saw, Springsteen explained, “Hey, that’s show biz. Did you see the referee come onto the stage while me and my E-Street Band were playing? I don’t know if you know this, but he wasn’t a real ref, and he gave some nasty looks. That’s actin, darlin!”

   At the end of the questions, Bruce Springsteen was seen entering an ambulance, which will act like it is driving him to Saint Joseph’s Baptist Hospital, where doctors will act like they are stitching up his lower stomach.

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