Washington DC: As political campaigns give their last push in these eight days leading up to Election Day, the McCain Camp is asking for extra time, and an extra debate in which both John McCain and Sarah Palin may be ready for. It has been coined Operation: Mudpie.

   Operation: Mudpie is to be a final attack upon both presidential candidates, to let both parties continue their enjoyable mudslinging campaigns, but have it in the style of a debate. This is not to be confused with the actual past debates of this presidential campaign.

   Whereas those debates were meant to focus on the candidates’ actual policies and turned into the candidates’ personal issues with each other such as “he’s a commie” and “he likes Bush,” this last debate would be nothing more than the canditates lambasting each other in a verbal free-for-all.

   “We felt that a debate like Operation: Mudpie would help McCain and Palin in their debate styles. In the past, they have gotten very confused with how to explain their policies in a debate forum. With this last debate, they will finally be attune to what the debate topic is: trash your candidate with everything but the kitchen sink,” explained political pundit Elliot Schwartz.

   “To be honest, I am happy to oblige to this type of forum. In every debate I felt like the only thing I was able to get out of my mouth was, ‘That’s not true, John,’ or ‘That’s incorrect, John.’ I rarely had a chance to stick it to him myself except in advertisements.Or talk much about my policies, for that matter,” stated Barack Obama.

   It has been decided that the debate would be hosted in a parking lot, with Wilmer Valderamma(Fez from That 70’s Show) as the mediator. Each candidate will be given five minutes per round in which to trash-talk their opponent, with a total of five rounds. The candidates will be surrounded by supporters, detractors, and the undecided, who will yelp and snap their fingers after each candidate’s round. The debate would be broadcast live on MTV.

By Patrick AE

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