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MapQuest Behind Aqua Car


Zurich, Switzerland: Recently scientists from Switzerland have released the prototype for a new vehicle, one which could travel on land and also the depths of the oceans. This convertible aqua car could drive 77 miles per hour on flat ground, and roughly a whopping 3 miles an hour underwater, running solely on electrical engineering.aqua car

   It has been discovered that the company that helped fund the amphibious automobile endeavor is none other than the website MapQuest, engineered by Rinspeed Inc. In order to make the website’s direction program relevant in all cases which a traveler must go in the base directions of north, south, east, and west, MapQuest granted the funding to Rinspeed Inc. in order to make it’s directions from New York of The United States to London of the United Kingdom relevant to even the most eccentric traveler.

   The set of directions in question had to do with swimming from Montauk, New York, the easternmost point of The United States,  to the western shores of England. This idea was utterly ridiculous, as most Americans could barely swim the mile in a triathalon, yet Mapquest was unable to rectify the directions for years due to a programming glitch that would have called for a complete scrapping of the programming in place. The loss of advertising dollars and salaries to correct the error would have been astronomical.

   In addition to the aqua car, MapQuest also had plans to develop pit stops along the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for oxygen and food. The car and trip would cost roughly around 1.5 million dollars, a slim price for MapQuest’s integrity. “This development may seem weird to some, but the way we see it, the price was much more cost effective than revamping our website to negate the route at the time,” ex-MapQuest CEO Joshua Zimmerman stated.

   Unfortunately, the website was corrected so as to give directions of ground routes only, thereby deleting the swimming route across the Atlantic Ocean. It remains to be seen what use the aqua car will now have besides inspiring more Batman and James Bond movies.

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