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1408 Movie Review


John Cusack in 1408Our Horror Queen takes a break from blood and guts to talk about the ghost story of 1408.


     The First Black Scream QueenI will try not to bore you with the usual display of adjectives…BUT simply put…this film was very well written with beautiful heart-stopping imagery. The movie is about a writer named Mike Enslin(played by John Cusack), who stays in these “haunted places” & writes about them. He doesn’t himself believe,but after he checks into 1408, well, let’s say that all changes. I loved Mike Enslin’s sense of humour even when he was in situations where MY sense of humour would have jumped right out of the window…right before I did, lol. Hell, I didnt even mind the fact that Samuel Jackson (who plays a hotel manager named Gerald Olin) didn’t say anything about the muthafu**** snakes on the muthafu**** plane!

     You always get my vote when you can manage to bring back scary without having to have an overage of blood & gore (no offense to my gory movies because I love them too) But this movie brought me back to the Shining..which is a classic.
Go see this movie…Not because I said so..but because there’s muthafu**** ghosts in the muthafu**** room!

I give this movie four bloody boobies….. little lovies..

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