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Hostel 2 Review


Hostel 2Our lady of the night reviews the latest Eli Roth film, Hostel – Part II.


     First Black Scream QueenI am NOT a huge fan of sequels & remakes….but you have got to give it to those who can make a strong sequel. Having said that, DAMN, Eli Roth did his thing! I was wondering how he would top himself,but he took us on yet another journey, more so from the perspective of the hunters. It was a nice change from just seeing them enter a room and start carving someone up for no apparent reason.

    The movie follows three poor unsuspecting women(Lauren German as Beth, Heather Matarazo as Lorna, Bijou Phillips as Whitney) who run into this model from their art class who claims to know this great place to relax and unwind..WRONG!! (note to self, do not follow beautiful women in other countries to places you don’t know!)

     The blood, gore & surprises in this film was just ridiculously fun & delicious. I guarantee that you’ll grab at least ONE of your body parts in shock. I swear, some of the torture scenes, I was torn between being scared and getting hot…this movie will mess with your head..if you get to keep yours, ::chime evil laughter::

On a scale of one to five bloody boobs, I most assuredly give 5! Go see this movie because The First Black Scream Queen said so!

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